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A Pagan Marketplace

A Pagan Marketplace is the SIPA Facebook Group page to share business pages, online shops and services that are pagan, witchy, and new age related.

Dream Space

Dream Space is a creative community place located on the Makanda Boardwalk.  It offers a variety of workshops including, but not limited to:

  • ·       Painting hand crafted bird houses, feeders or canvases
  • ·       Needle point and crochet classes
  • ·        Field identification and nature art
  • ·        Studio figure painting classes
  • ·        Drum circles
  • ·        Environmental conservation
  • ·        Overall healing of mind, body, and spirit!

 Dream Space
520 Makanda Road #4
Makanda, Illinois, 62958

Memento Mori            This is a page for others to see her work, advise changes or improvements, 
                                                                                                               and if they so wish, to purchase her works.
                                 Etsy page with bone art and other cool stuff.