Become a Member!

Annual paid SIPA membership is only $10.00 (membership card included).  For a membership fee of $15.00, you will receive a special SIPA gift as well.  So why wait?  Send in the requested information and become a paid SIPA member today!

Requested information for SIPA Membership:

    Name:  ______________________________
    Name to appear on membership card,
    if different from above:__________________

    Address:  ____________________________

    Phone:  ______________________________
    Email:  _______________________________

    Amount enclosed: $______.00

    Would you like to be contacted by your local SIPA Branch?   
     Briefly describe your path and/or interests:




I would rather be contacted about SIPA events by:
            (Circle preferred)
            Email:     Yes | No  
            Phone:    Yes | No
            Text:       Yes | No   
            Mail:        Yes | No

Please send the above information along with a check or money order to:

Tara Nelsen
2026 Clarke Street
Murphysboro, IL 62966