How SIPA works  to meet the goals of its Mission Statement.


  • Free public rituals celebrating the 8 Sabbats (link)
  • Adopt-A-Spot clean up on Pleasant Hill Road in Carbondale.  
  • Holiday parties
  • Retreats


  • Anyone, paid SIPA member or not, can join our social networking groups
  • Contacts with other community and spiritual organizations
  • SIPA Branches, allowing individuals in Southern Illinois to meet with other Pagans in their own counties.

Public Awareness and Education

  • Participation in the Carbondale Lights Fantastic Parade
  • Community unity events
  • Media interviews
  • Educational exhibits at the Southern Illinois Irish Festival
  • Educational presentations about Paganism and alternative spiritual practices at local schools, colleges, and community groups.
  • Interfaith outreach and collaboration
  • Charity drives at many events and seasonal large scale donation drives.